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Channel Letters or 3D Fabricated Signs

Channel-LetterChannel Letters or 3D Fabricated Signs are the most spectacular form of signs for both interior and outdoor advertising. It's not only cost efficient and effective but it's the future of business branding for any image conscious entrepreneur. Channel letters are eye-catching three-dimensional individually cut and designed letters or figures. You can affix them to a wall or any other structure illuminated or un-illuminated. You have a guarantee that your letters will not dent, chip, corrode or fade easily. They are useful for neon and for non-lighted signs.

Why Channel Letters are so popular:

These letters are available in various faces and trim colors. They are also available in many styles that include Helvetica and Times fonts. The latest quality of these signs is flame resistant and arching is now a thing of the past. This is has a result of the modern high-density injection molded plastic body that offers protection from flames and arching. Once mounted on a wall or any other structure, these attractive signs require minimum or no maintenance and thus are extremely cost efficient and effective. They are easy to install and come in variety of Acrylic Face Colors. You have many types of letters to choose from and there are many associated benefits too.

Types of Channel Letters:

There are three types of letters. Standard letters are the most common and are made of a U-channel base with colored Plexiglas faces. The second type is Reverse Letters which have metal faces, returns and a clear plastic backing. When mounted these letters don't touch the wall. They are normally an inch or two away from the wall. They are very beautiful at night and create a halo-lit effect. There is a third type of Channel Letters. These are the ones with 'open' faces. Open because raw neon is not covered and hence allows it to be seen.

Benefits of Using these Letters:

They come pre-primed for easy painting and this are the main reason people love them so much. Channel letters are easily drilled for installation and weep holes. This form of signs allows tubing to be placed at least 1/8" from side returns without tripping electrical transformers.

Installation Methods:

You can mount them either directly to the wall, individually, or on a rectangular box called a raceway. Individually mounted letters are more appealing than raceway mounted. Raceway mounted is cheaper and quicker to install because each letter is pre-spaced and mounted to the raceway in the factory. Only the raceway gets mounted to the wall complete with the letters well affixed on. Individually lettering takes time to mount because it has to be done on the site one letter at a time to the wall. This makes this superior lettering a bit more expensive than the raceway.

Deal with experienced letter Manufacturers:

If you are looking to advertise your business using Channel letters it is very important to deal with experienced manufacturers like Supreme Media because we have the technical know-how, expertise and experience to handle your assignment professionally ensuring that your signage will serve you for many years without incurring maintenance cost.

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